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For this second blog post on the Baroque Era I decided to focus on a sketch from the early Baroque Era done by Lodovico Cigoli. The piece is titled Lucifer and was created around 1590 in Florence Italy.



Cigoli was part of the artist reformation movement and this sketch was his way of speaking out against The Council of Trent. In an article that I found on Ebscohost titled, “What was Truth? Lodovico Cigoli and Conflicting Truth Claims around 1600.” By Jasmin Mersmann claimed “His (Lodovico Cigoli) work thus negotiates the conflicting truth claims raised by theologians, historiographers, philologists, natural scientists, art theorists, commissioners, and believers.” (Mersmann). Mersmann was referring to the Council of Trent and the Counter-Reformation which occurred during this period.  According to Joe Carter on “The Council of Trent was the most important movement of the Catholic Counter-Reformation, the Catholic Church’s first significant reply to the growing Protestants Reformation.”. In my last blog post on The Last Judgment (a highly disputed piece during the Renaissance) I focused on the Reformation. Both the Council of Trent and the Reformation relate to each other as The Council of Trent was a reaction to the Reformation.

Initially I found this piece of art to be particularly unsettling. As you can see Lucifer is consuming individuals who then seem to be trapped in a sphere after they are consumed. This piece of art uses great detail and dark lighting which is appropriate for the topic it is aiming to depict.



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One thought on “Baroque Blog

  1. There is a strong connection to the sciences with this work. This work was created when the artist was delving deeply into science. “Lucifer” was created as a result of Cigoli’s relationship with fellow student – Gailelio. Galelio proposes the mathematical structure for hell based on Dante’s Inferno. Cigoli creates an artistic model of what Galelio is discussing.


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