My first blog post

Hello everyone, my name is Cassidy Kelly.  I am originally from Flagstaff, Arizona but now I am a sophomore at University of Alaska Fairbanks.  I am currently working towards a major in Psychology and a minor in Marine Science.  I am also on the women’s swim team at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.  While I’m not in the pool, working, or in class I really enjoy being outdoors, hiking, camping and, doing other activities.

I have never really been too involved in the arts.  I was never very good at drawing, playing instruments, or creating things.  I’ve always been more athletic.  However, I really do enjoy and appreciate all types of art and the people who have the incredible talent of creating it.  I do not, unfortunately, have too much experience viewing any art as an audience member.  I have been to one concert in my life and a few high school plays but that’s about it.  I do however, enjoy listening to music any chance I can get and watching movies.

Here’s a link to art that I really enjoy looking at.  Like I mentioned, I am incredibly impressed by those who can create such beautiful things. I really enjoy this individuals art because all of their pieces are Alaskan themed.

Here’s a photo of me at Antelope Canyon in my home state, Arizona.

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